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Ad Pasting Job. You'll be paid for each  post, each picture added & every sale generated from your ad. You will receive 3 types of pay for each ad pasting.
Pays Per Post ( typed reports differ in price) & Additonal earnings for each  Referral. Paste only 4 to 5 lines of text. We supply the text and the list of places to paste your ad. (Various typing assignments included.)
$2000 Max Monthly Earning.
Simple to do Form Filling work. Enter only  4-5 lines of  text. We provide all information and materials. Lightening fast form filling software included with the list of forms for you to fill. Work in your spare time or full time if you choose. Work 2 hours a day or more. Earn per each form filled plus bonuses.  Each form takes only seconds to fill.

$1500 Max Monthly Earnings.
Combo Typists get acess to all 5 job packages.  You save big on this one and make more money!  Combo typists receive the highest pay and have no assignment structure.  Combo typists additionally earns the highest for each paid referral (no extra work required), which highly boosts their earning level.

$3500 Max monthly earnings.
Research email typist will perform various tasks to gather emails and interested parties.  Includes ad pasting, web surfing, email sending and more. This job can be done in your spare time.  Various assignments included. No experience required for this position. Each project comes with basic instructions and all materials are provided.

$800 Max Monthly earnings.
Get Paid For Every Form Filled & Every Document Typed
Home Typing Job
Email List Compiler
Form Filling Job
Research Assistant
Research Email Typist
Combo Typist
Get paid to perform different researching project assignments.  Each project includes things like gathering lists of names, emails, addresses, phone numbers or any specific information that we ask for. Other assignments are included such as some light typing, sending emails, web surfing and more...

$300 Max monthly earnings.
You'll be asked to compile email lists using many different means from the Internet. An email list compiler also does ad posting, email sending, web surfing and more... You can choose your own hours to work. Work whenever you want! No short term deadlines.

$500  Max Monthly earnings.
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Suvi Maharaj - INDIA $298.06

Mitali Batra - INDONESIA $170.50

Juvina Ahluwalia - INDIA $300.00

Anne Chanda- INDIA $115.00

Vendra Parks - ARIZONA $40.00

Mia Ryu- KOREA $15.40

Krissa Roland - USA $409.00

Sam Rebuka - PHILIPPINES $108.00

Tariq Nishapuri- PAKISTAN $305.15

Nishi Kamdar - INDONESIA 340.25

Farooq Reza - PAKISTAN $100.70

Najihah Dayang- MALAYSIA $405.70

Sarah Parker - USA $48.10

Frank Venil - USA $100.00

Rasel Banerjee - BANGLADESH $28.32

Raunak Batra - INDIA $15.00

Mahnoor Noorani - PAKISTAN $404.03

Gabriel Bautista- PHILIPPINES $420.13

Martin Hubler - MISSISSIPPI $40.72

Rick Veekan- USA $60.45

Sonia Bahawalanzai - PAKISTAN $85.40

Sam Andrada- PHILIPPINES $306.30

Qiáng Feng - CHINA $43.80

Maria Daniles - USA $10.25

Jonah Perkad - ASIA $15.00

Keerthi Magar - INDIA $64.00

Adah Okafor - NIGERIA $188.70

Fred Wilson - ARIZONA $400.08

Derk Wells - USA $300.64

Namrata Devan - INDIA $48.00

Marvis Adeyemi- NIGERIA $18.40

Jim Kevins - USA $15.00

Sunjay Yohanus - MALAYSIA $15.70

Nishat Chatterjee - BANGLADESH $194.80

Dennis Johnson - USA $36.00

Carman Ruiz - PAKISTAN $40.00

Seaam Biswas - BANGLADESH $93.00

Kris Methra - USA 469.70

Ricky Marcas - MISSISSIPPI $15.00

S.Johal - MALAYSIA $40.00

Rajeev Chauhan - INDIA $15.50

Li Marina - USA $20.80

Sumon Mazumdar- BANGLADESH $480.05

Mahesh C.Chopra- INDIA $150.00

Amabella Beaumont- FRANCE $100.10

Chrislann De Castro - PHILIPPINES $100.00

Cherry vil - CANADA $102.00

Brandon Williams - USA $439.40

Anam Ishak - PAKISTAN $180.00

Marty Miller - AUSTRALIA $196.30

Ann Fandra - AFGHANISTAN $49.84

Chu wan - KOREA $390.10

Isha Bava - INDONESIA $100.00

Chandni Sikdar- BANGLADESH $68.40

Sadaf Banerjee- INDIA $83.72

Clinton Mills - USA $487.02
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