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Become a Franchise Owner Of Shortcuts To Cash

Pay By Western Union, Moneygram or Bank transfer
$250 One Time Fee

The earning potential is incredible!

Things Included With The Franchise Pack

You get your own webpage designed by us

2. Your choice of any 1 Job package (worth $100) Excluding any combos or franchise.

3. You get a BONUS Affiliate Marketing/Data Entry Program (described further down the page)

Franchise owners receive their own pre built webpage built by us and will earn
50% commission on anyone who purchases through their webpage. This means anyone who buys for instance, the super combo pack, you'll make a whopping $100 just on that 1 purchase!
You can also make decisions on the colors, information and basic design of your webpage.. We will add built in tracking to your site so that anyone who clicks on your site and makes a purchase from any of our webpages, you will receive 50% of that sale.


  Research Assistant costs $50 - You Earn $25 each
Email List Compiler costs $60 - You earn $30 each
Research Email Typist costs $80 - You earn $40 each
Copy & Paste Package costs $90 - You earn $45 each
Form Filling Job Package costs $95 - You earn $47.50 each
Basic Typist Job Package costs $100 - You earn $50 each
Ad Posting Job Package Costs $100 - You earn $50 each
Mini Combo Package costs $150 - You earn $75 Each
Super Combo Package costs $200 - You earn $100 each
                                                              Franchise Costs $250 - You earn $125 each

Your clients will pay us directly and we will send you an instant payment for your commission to the option of your choice.
(Paypal, check,bank transfer,western union). A franchise owner eventually will be allowed to collect registration fees directly from their clients, sending us the admin fee and keeping your commission instantly (Once you complete the 1st stage).

As a Franchise owner you will represent your country and receive 10% commission on the 1st sale each franchise member who joins under you.

You can open a franchise anywhere in the world.

When you register as a franchise, your franchise contact details are added to your webpage and also to our database
so any person who visits OUR website looking to register via a franchise in your country, they will receive your contact details from us.


Refer 10 Members Earn Bonus $100
Refer 20 Members Earn Bonus $200
Refer 30 Members Earn Bonus $300
Refer 50 Members Earn Bonus $500
     Refer 100 Members Earn Bonus $1,000

All you need to do is get paid registrations from the members. We do everything else for you!


Instead of posting ads for assignments, the franchise owner will be able to post ads towards their OWN webpage freely and do not need to turn in any assignments. They will have no limit to the amount of ads they want to post (as long as they do not spam)

As a Franchise Owner, for each sale generated through your ads email and webpage, you will earn 50% of each sale.
You can still do assignments and get paid as a regular assignment does on the side. Meaning when you do regular assignments it will not include 50% commission.


We use a well known affiliate tracking program called idev. You will register through our tracking system and have your own account.  We will then create your own tracking links and add them to your webpage. These tracking links attach to your visitors by using a thing called
"Cookies" which will then follow wherever they click and if they make a transaction through your webpage, your commissions will automatically be recorded and show up in your special Back Office Account where you can view ANYTIME day or night.

Franchise owners also get an additional BONUS Affiliate Training program 100%

See what's Included Below

Full affiliate training program
100 business training ebooks on several subjects
Fast Track Cash 16 video series and resell rights
(worth $250)
Blogging Course Step By Step
Article Marketing Video Series
Amazon Affiliate Training Course
WordPress 16 video Training Series

Bonus VIP Area (Included FREE)

General audio Transcription Training Package
Response Typist Program Training
Telecommuting/Data Entry Job Database
100% Free Survey List and Guide


1.We require a one time registration fee of $250.00 -NO Monthly Fees.

         2. We require a legal signature through docusign, we will send via your email.

                  3. We need a copy of your Photo ID and proof of your REAL name address.
( A copy of a bill or something.)

Buy now below and login will be sent within 24 hours.
We Need Franchise Owners From YOUR country!