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Shortcuts To Cash offers 7 incredible job packages that entail ad posting, form filling, article writing, Email Research, List Compiling, Blogging and other forms of online marketing.
Ad posting is an extremely easy way to earn extra cash from home in which one is required to fill in a form containing a name, address, email address and an ad placement of 4 to 5 lines of text. Shortcuts To Cash has made sure to include a bit of ad posting & form filling in each package. We also have included free lightening fast form filling software along with the ad text to be placed and all the forms to be filled. In addition, each member receives an incredible huge pack of online software that can help you learn how to start your own business from home. It includes 100's of bonuses including full business training, online tools, web building software, a ton of valuable ebooks and so much more... It's an excellent high dollar package that is included in all memberships.

Each form can be completed in only a matter of seconds. There are no short term deadlines, we provide each member plenty of time to complete each project.

We have 7 different job packages we offer. Here are the jobs we offer with a brief description below
Ad Posting Is Required In ALL Job Packages
(Any additional assignment types are always optional)

Research Assistant: A research assistant will be required to perform different research projects via searching the web. This can include but is not limited to gathering lists of website addresses, email addresses, names, phone numbers, or specific information on a specific subject.

Ad Posting Job: The basic posting job is one of the higher earning jobs we offer where member gets paid to type, fill forms and do simple cut and paste projects.

Form Filling Job: The form filling job entails easy cut and paste, ad posting, form filling and web surfing among other similar projects.

Email List Compiler:  Email list compiler compiles emails using many different methods provided by us using the web. Includes web surfing etc..

Research Email Typist: Includes ad posting, researching interested parties in specific services and gathering emails. Also involves sending emails and other forms of online marketing tactics using research and email tactics.

Combo Typist: The combo Typist position includes all 5 positions rolled into one.Combo typists gets paid up to $2 per form and max monthly earning is from $2500 per month. This is the highest paying package besides the Franchise.. Combo typists get additional assignments the other positions do not get -they pay very well. They also receive an additional $20 per generated sales through each report along with  incentives and other great bonuses.

Franchise: Become a franchise owner and receive your own website, an incredible BONUS data entry program and lots of perks! Franchisees earn 50% of all sales reffered by you. Learn more details by clicking on the title "Franchise"...

NOTE: All packages include additional assigments which can include ad posting, form filling, typing, web surfing, email processing, Blogging, facebook, twitter and more... Assignments are changed every 2 months.

We get many requests from various online companies seeking to outsource their marketing projects. We enlist our home typists to complete these projects which helps these companies better their business presence and higher their search engine ranking and overall website page rank.We also use our own members to outsource our work so they are ALWAYS guaranteed a full load of work available at all times. has been involved in ad posting jobs for many years now. We are a legitimate company who thrives on keeping our corporate appearance up to par by hiring only the most competent individuals who can keep our business track record in the highest standings.

Because of the type of business we do, we do not require our applicants to have previous experience,typing speed etc.. Most of the work is cut and paste, and software is provided. It's a very simple job almost anyone can do.

Job Requirements

Must be at least 18 years of age or older.
Must have computer access.
Must be able to read and write English.
Must be able to follow instructions and directions.
Must be able to work on your own independently.

To your success,
Sari Balhi

Tom foley
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